Reconstruction of the Train Station

In 1991, the Historical Society of Magnolia, New Jersey was chartered. This organization to preserve the history of the borough was led by Helen Bradley, who has long chronicled the history of the borough.


 In 1995, the Historical Society began the project of reconstructing the Magnolia Train Station. Fundraising was key - and one member even was able to find apprentice carpenters willing to donate time to the project. Construction began in 1999, and was completed in 2000.

On October 21st, 2000, the Grand Opening of the Magnolia Historic Train Station was held at one o'clock in the afternoon. In the fall of 2001, the Train Station Park was dedicated. 

Today, the Magnolia Train Station is the home of the Magnolia Historical Society. It is open on Wednesday nights from seven to nine, and by appointment. The Train Station Park has multiple benches dedicated to members of the community, beautiful magnolia trees - and multiple Pokemon Go stops!

Below left are three different plans for the reconstruction - the first is for measurements of the inside of the building. The second is also for the inside, and has multiple notes and markups on it. The final image (spanning both columns) is a blueprint for the exterior measurements of the building.

Below right is an exterior and interior view of the grand opening invitation (cropped to allow for privacy for those whose phone numbers are on the document). 

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