The Original Train Station

The original Magnolia Train station was built in 1890, though the railroad itself was built in 1877. However, it was not the train station of the town Magnolia - it was a train station named Magnolia. The town at the time was called "Greenland". The town adopted the name Magnolia in 1888, after the train station, but Magnolia Borough would not be officially incorporated until 1915. 

The history of railways in South Jersey is complicated - there were many different lines that changed with some frequency. The infographic on this page shows the changing nature of the railway. Magnolia Train Station was a constant for quite a time. 

The above photographs show Magnolia Train Station around 1910. The above right photograph also shows a trolley, tracks for which were laid in 1903.

Even though the last steam engine ran through the town in 1968, there are still railroad tracks active for freight in Magnolia, that run by the reconstructed train station. 

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